Covid-19 And The Entertainment And Events Industry

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COVID-19, like so many other aspects of society, has wreaked havoc on the entertainment and events industry, especially those who produce live performances. All mass public gatherings were prohibited overnight, which resulted in the cancellation of all live events scheduled for the near future, including VE Day, Glastonbury, and the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, to name a few, as well as the complete closing of theatres, circuses, and football grounds. What effect has this had on our industry?

Covid-19’s Effect On The Events Industry

As most people are aware, Covid-19 has had a major impact on the events industry as a whole. The impact of these postponed activities on those who work in the industry is largely invisible to the general public. Since many of them are self-employed, they are not eligible for a furlough. An event/production company does just as it says on the tin. There would be no profits if there are no activities or productions.

Grandstand Systems, as part of the supply chain for these firms, was looking forward to another successful year, having held informal talks with suppliers to supply grandstands to many shows around the world. For the time being, these have been placed on hold, and we’re using the downtime to refine new design concepts so that when production resumes, we’ll be able to produce an even better product.

Covid-19’s Effect On The Entertainment Industry

In the same way that the events sector has been impacted, the film industry has been impacted as well. Cirque du Soleil and theater productions that depend on the public’s attendance have been especially hard hit. Circuses, in particular, spend a significant amount of money during the winter months organizing and preparing for the upcoming season, and with little or no money coming in, both shows have been canceled for the near future.

Companies for whom we’ve supplied seating and staging for several years are facing the real possibility of going out of business. Even after the restrictions are removed, some social distancing will remain, rendering some new productions financially unviable.

Our theatre clients were having a great time, particularly in the United Kingdom, where production attendance had never been higher. This was abruptly put to an end over night. Many are turning to online channels, such as social media posts and streaming previously filmed performances, to communicate with the public. They will adapt to the new way as much as possible in the short term, while preparing future productions and looking forward to a period when we will once again enjoy live performances.

A Different Way Forward For Events Businesses

However, one of our industry’s strengths is our ability to think and act quickly. Overlay Events, for example, was asked on a Friday to provide equipment and crew to assist in the construction of a temporary COVID-19 hospital at the Principality Stadium Cardiff the following Monday. Showing that the entertainment industry is more than just music festivals and car shows.

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Looking to the future is the best way to stay positive. Things will inevitably have to adapt in the short term. But one thing our sector is good at is thinking outside the box, innovating and overcoming the problems thrown at it. We will be back, and back stronger. For now, Grandstand Systems will endeavour to continue to help those clients that ask for advice or are planning future productions, because this not just a business, this is our passion.

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