The Benefits Of Temporary Aluminium Seating

aluminium seating fabrication

The benefits of aluminium seating for your event, theatre, or grandstand seating area, not only gives a high level of strength but they are also very light, which make them ideal for temporary event situations. They can be manufactured to your requirements for a truly bespoke fit and finish.

Strong And Light Seating

Aluminium is one of the world’s lightest metals, three times lighter than iron but yet incredibly heavy and versatile. Aluminium has a density that is one-third that of steel, making it more suitable for custom seating. It also has the benefit of being corrosion-resistant.

Corrosion Resistant Seating

Naturally producing an oxide coating allows aluminium to protect itself, which means it can be left in an unfinished state. This allows any theatre seating made from aluminium will not need an expensive finishing coat once produced.

Shock and Sound Absorbent

Aluminium is a great shock and sound absorber. Ideal for theatre, music and circus shows as it is an excellent sound absorber.

Aluminium Is Recyclable

Aluminium is a fully recyclable and environmentally friendly material. Aluminium processing requires much less water and waste than other metals, lowering the total carbon footprint of production and supply. It is a material that can be reused to make new items.

Aluminium Seating Swindon

Creating bespoke aluminium seating and event flooring, with excellent customer service is what we do at Grandstand Systems. We design, manufacture, and sell seating to companies throughout the UK. Giving you a totally tailored service, we work to make our customers’ requirements a reality.

Our seating company is one of the largest grandstand hire companies in the UK. As well as a stand-alone sales company of grandstand seating, we are very well established and pride ourselves on being able to deliver projects no matter the size.

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